Taste Face

We set up a photoshoot in a parking spot on the street for Park(ing) Day Chattanooga 2017, hosted by River City Company. The project we deemed "Taste Face."

We had people walking by stand in a box. We handed them a piece of lemon, some pink Himalayan rock salt, or if they said they were feeling very risky, horseradish on a small cracker. We captured the moment of reaction to the harsh tastes.

We photographed 80+ people ranging in age and diversity. We wanted to highlight that same innate reaction of disgust we all have, supporting the idea that we are all connected in deep-rooted, human ways. Side note: Corey and I never got hungry on this 9am-4pm shoot, because watching people spitting out food all day is the opposite of appetizing.

I was surprised by the people who seemed to have no reaction at all to any of the foods we provided. The outliers also varied in age, gender, and race.

I guess there's no way to put everyone in a box and make them react the same way. I've learned, like yin and yang, equality and diversity go hand in hand. Seeing our similarities and differences is a beautiful thing.

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