Longest Yard Sale

This weekend we crept along The World's Longest Yard Sale. This sale spans from Alabama to Michigan on Highway 127 and on the side streets along the highway.

I asked, "What is one thing you would never sell?"



My New World Translation Bible. It's in modern English so you can understand it.
Tennessee Avenue and 37th

Joe & Libba

Everything has a price... I wouldn't sell my mom. - Joe
My camera. - Libba

Ault Road


Ridgeway Avenue


My cat.
Signal Road

Daphne & Patricia

A portrait of my children. - Daphne
My husband and daughter. - Patricia

Scenic Highway

Trish & Murphy

My ukulele. - Trish
My soul to the devil. Just kidding. It's too late! Ok, my ukulele. - Murphy

Anderson Pike


My truck. It was my mom and dad's.
Highway 127

Ashley, Carmen, Lolis, Maggie, & Irene

Inappropriate material, alcohol, and cigarettes. - Lolis
Highway 127


My workbench. It's the first thing I built, and it's unbreakable.
McAmis Road


Pornographic materials.
Highway 127


Certain tools I work with and some instruments.
Ault Road


My phone.
Ridgeway Avenue


My wife.
Carter Drive

Christina & Kim

My son's Thomas the Tank Engine toys. - Christina
My grandmother's kinda creepy porcelain doll. - Kim

Lula Lake Road

Ronnie, Linda, & Moseby

Our dog Moseby. - Ronnie & Linda
McAmis Road


My grandmother's 100-year old rocking chair.
Highway 127

Mike & Johannes

My dog. - Mike
My car. - Johannes

Highway 127

Brendan, Hazel, & Natasha

I'm not that attached to anything. I wouldn't even think to sell photo albums. - Brendan
My weddings rings. - Natasha

Highway 127


My grandpa Dollar's dollar money clip.
Highway 127