Day 15 - Corey’s Entry - October 9, 2017 - 12:30 pm - Lou Kalu, Nice, France

15 days into our trip and I think we’re feeling it. Sore feet and odd travel hours. Nice is different than what I imagined. It’s touristy and has more military patrolling than I’ve seen anywhere else. These guys are all decked out in military gear walking in a diamond formation holding huge assault rifles. The cigarette smoke ever wafting around has finally gotten to me.

The architecture is amazing and amusing. The shutters on the windows in the alleys are picturesq. Sometimes, the shutters are masterfully painted on next to windows.

The pebble beaches and narrow alleys were fun to explore.

For the first time on this trip I feel a bit homesick. On our 100 day road trip I didn’t miss home, I guess because we didn’t have a place to go back to or that LA never really felt like home. Now that we’re more established, I’m excited to get back to work and to my life in Chattanooga. BUT there are more towns to explore, rocks to turn over, and sights to see.

Day 15 - Emily’s Entry - October 9, 2017 - 12:36pm - Lou Kalu, Nice, France

Nice reminds me of St. Augustine, Florida near where I grew up. It’s old, colorful, once occupied by Spain, and kitschy. It’s hard to get a local feel when most of the people I see are not local.

We’re going to spend some time at the gorgeous beach then stick to the narrow streets of old town.

Our AirBNB host told us there was an LGBT party below our balcony. He was right. Our balcony overlooked the most fabulous French drag show I’ve ever seen. Around 11pm, the music volume outside turned up and someone had a mic. A male Katy Perry in a white gown with a large sequin bow was singing. The huge crowd cheered, filmed, and smiled at her. I had to go downstairs and shoot this late-night, narrow street, halogen-lit, fierce fashion show. I couldn’t understand a lick of the descriptions by the French host of the evening, but I gathered there was a lady badass, lady glitter fab, lady in red, lady Katy Perry, and a lady classic. It reminded me of summers partying in West Hollywood, CA. My friends in in WeHo would have enjoyed the show. I sure did.

Day 16 - Corey’s Entry - October 10, 2017 - 12:11 pm - Train to Arles, France

My mind wanders, drifts and contemplates as I watch the French countryside out of the window of this train. Is there such a thing as too much time to think? I start to question myself on completed thoughts. Do I really have it figured out? I think so. I haven’t had any epiphanies yet on this trip. I guess I’m an artist. I think creatively most of the time. I have technical skills. Emily truly embodies that of an artist. In her free time, if she’s not playing the an instrument, she’s painting or sketching. She dances through the streets and makes up these stories that are so creative. I love her mind, it’s as beautiful as she is. I think I’m hard to follow. I change, but she’s perfect for me because she understands.

I love to capture how light falls and to play with colors. I like to photograph people, though most make me nervous. Emily has wonderful ideas and I think I’m really good at motivating her and helping accomplish those ideas. We’re a team.

A medium in Cassadaga, Florida once told me I was afraid of my potential. That fear of success would hold me back. I think of that often, but I’m not afraid to fail. Failing to me isn’t the end of something as video games would tell you. It’s just another lesson and a great way to learn. Maybe I’m concerned with wasting time trying something that turns out pointless. Maybe that is the fear. I hate the idea of wasted time and resources. I guess that’s something I can work on. Take more risk.

“If you’re succeeding at everything you do, then you’re not taking enough risk.” - Jack Lupton, Coca-Cola heir, Chattanooga native who pioneered radical change the city desperately needed.   

Day 16 - Emily’s Entry - October 10 - 3:08 pm - Train from Marseilles to Arles, France

We had to change trains on our way from Nice to Arles in Marseilles. Our first train was cancelled so we had to wait another hour in the train station. Last week two female travellers had their throats slit there. You could cut the tension in that train station with a knife.

Our train is stopped right now after 1 minute into our ride. Some conductor ran through and mumbled something in French. All I heard was “Sécurité.”

The train is moving now.

Corey and I are stressed. We have super big imaginations. I don’t know. I’m listening to Taylor Swift to calm down.

Everyone looked in each other’s eyes asking, “Are you the enemy?”


Let’s continue our story in Nice on the rocky, sun-soaked beaches. The shore did not have sand but smooth, grey stones. We laid down and fell asleep in the Southern French sun almost immediately. Corey ventured into the cold water for a bit as I lazily watched. He’s so handsome. Some people on the beach chatted. One older couple sketched. A few women sunbathed topless! If everyone was topless, I might have too.

We walked around town. We got espresso and chocolate cookie gelato in the closest town square. An older lady told Corey he looked nice. He did look great! I’m lucky!

On our way to dinner, we dance walked in the streets and sidewalks like we were part of a ballet. I’ve always thought in another life Corey and I were dancers together. As we dance-walked, someone I didn’t see brushed by and whispered in my ear, “Bonsoir, Mademoiselle.”

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