Kissing Colorado

On our first day in Colorado, we went to Mission: Wolf overlooking the Sangre de Cristo mountain range. The village of Mission: Wolf is made of huge runs for the wolves, teepees, greenhouses, and ongoing log cabins. Legally, the wolves own the land, and it seems like they know it.

We saw many of the 35+ wolves. They paced due to the upcoming feed. We were allowed in with 3 ambassador wolves, which are domestic enough to be around humans as long as we keep the correct manners and body language.

The rules include:

  1. If a wolf licks in your mouth, you let him. Otherwise, you'll offend the social creature and he may fall into a depression.

  2. Don't turn your back to a wolf or sit alone. Do I need to explain that?

  3. Keep your body language confident: head high, sit up straight, and make direct eye contact. We are all Apex predators, so act like it.

We stayed in the cutest cottage in town of Hillside, Colorado. Population: 91. We made award winning Korean short ribs we bought from the small town of Westcliffe, on our way back from Mission: Wolf.

I loved the long drives along the still mountains and exploring off-road to strange places. After a few days of incredible escape, we headed for Colorado Springs. 

We spent a day getting lost in the Red Rock Canyon Open Space. Getting caught in the rain isn't always a bad thing. The ducks and geese didn't seem to mind. I love the colors nature reveals immediately after rainfall. Mint greens turn into emeralds and saffrons becomes the color of a low fire. 

From siphoned coffee brews to lager brews and all the nature in between, we fell more in love, explored the world, and kissed wolves (tongue not excluded). 

Until next time, Colorado.