A City Covered in Gold

Day 90 – Emily’s Entry - July 11 – 6:49pm – Rim Trail – Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

This is my happy place. I sit here with a cider in my hand, in a crazy creek chair, looking at a beautiful view. Hoodoos (natural rock spires caused by erosion) emerge from the mountain range creating an eerie scene. The landscape boasts neon orange and cream colors. The scene reminds me of orange creamsicles I ate as a kid.

One pull-off in the park called Bryce Point has an entire canyon full of Hoodoos. It all resembles an ancient city of myth. Maybe this was a city early American explorers described as “a city covered in gold.”

Day 92 – Corey’s Entry – July 13 – 6:04pm – Zion National Park, Utah

Zion, America’s greatest oasis. The massive canyons display all shades of reds and oranges. Trees grow in the canyons with vibrant, green leaves. This is a true paradise.

However, I would advise against going during the summer. The stunning views and peaceful scenery are interrupted constantly by the non-stop hordes of tourists. Children yell, babies cry, boys draw on ancient cliff sides, massive families fight, and loud bros take the still moment out of this timeless place. A woman changed her newborn’s diaper on the path next to the pristine riverbed. I can only hope she carried the diaper out of the area to a trash can.

Zion is a beautiful place full of natural and human history, but most of the people treat it like a local swimming hole. I’m glad more and more people are going outdoors though. It’s just sad to see people abuse nature.