Windy Roads, Cliffs on One Side, and an Ocean on the Other

Windy Roads, Cliffs on One Side, and an Ocean on the Other

Day 3 - April 15 - 3:42pm - Pfeiffer Beach - Big Sur, California

Wind blows the hardest at the top. I'm sitting on top of a cliff over the most beautiful seaside I've ever seen. Blue waves crash into staggering rock formations near 300 ft high. Pfeiffer Beach looks like the beach from Corona commercials.

We've driven on the Pacific Coast Highway, otherwise known as CA-1 today. Driving the PCH makes you feel like you're in a car commercial: windy roads, cliffs on one side, and an ocean with a faded horizon on the other side.

We spent the night last night at Limekiln State Park, CA. We hiked to a waterfall and watched the sunset on the beach.

We finally got the car organized in a system that will hopefully last us at least a week. It's always felt on our camping trips that day 3 is the day all of our petty worries fade away and we become ourselves again.

It's getting slowly colder as we head north. I'm excited to discover new places and see what else stunning America has to offer.

Day 3 – April 15 – 9:15pm – Katie & Kevin Day’s House – Monterey, California

How nice washing a pound of sand out of your ears feels. We are staying the night with Katie and Kevin Day. They are pastor friends of mine from when we lived in Jacksonville, Florida. It’s so nice to come out of the wilderness to a warm home and hot shower.

This might be a good time to talk about how we came up with the trip. After Corey and I got married in October 2013, we started going on camping trips. We went more and more until it got to a point we didn’t just feel that we wanted to go but we NEEDED to go camping. We didn’t feel like ourselves if we went more than a month without spending time in the woods.

October 2014 we were talking to Corey’s parents on a long drive in Tennessee about all the parks and places we wanted to camp in America. The idea came up to go on one long, epic road trip. We ran with the idea. Soon we had dozens of locations to stop all around the country. The trip was originally 93 days, but I figured an even 100 day sounded nicer. So hours of research and bookings later, here we are, day 3/100.