We Embark on our Journey

Day 1 - April 13 - 8:17am - Hollywood, CA

It's so hard to believe after 6 months of planning today is here. Today we embark on our journey. 

We slept on the floor of our empty apartment for the last 2 days with only our camping gear and the feral cats outside to keep us company. The echoes of the empty apartment feel lonely, but on the other hand, the guitar acoustics are great!

We will miss our incredible friends and neighbors and will think of them often on our trip. We also look forward to visiting so many of our friends and family spread all over the country and growing in our craft and our marriage.

Day 2 - April 14 - 2:43am - Jalama Beach County Park - Lompoc, CA

Tip: If there's a sand/wind storm outside blowing your tent in and you can't sleep because the top of the tent is hitting you and your sweet husband in your sleeping bags, weathering the storm and tying down the tent works fairly well.

Day 2 - April 14 - 9:40am - Pappy's Restaurant - Santa Maria, CA

We expected to leave Hollywood yesterday around noon to arrive at our campsite around 3pm, leaving plenty of time travel, shoot, and enjoy our first day. We left the city at 5:15pm and arrived at 9:45pm.

When we finally arrived at our site, we walked to the ocean. We could see countless stars above and hear the crashing of the Pacific. That was the moment we felt the trip had begun.

This morning we woke still exhausted with the sun and walked 30 ft to the beach. The only people in site were 2 fishermen setting up their poles. We could see ocean waves hitting seaside cliffs. As we looked over the ocean I read, "Heaven is both present and future... Shimmering sunshine awakens your heart, gently reminding you of My brilliant Light."

We met a lovely man named Marty this morning also from Los Angeles who told us of his travels, and we bonded over the importance of getting out of the city every once in a while. 

We've learned not everything will always go to plan and there's no breaking Murphy's Law. With the highs, come the lows and we will continue to venture on. We will start photography this afternoon in Limekiln State Park in Big Sur, CA.

The cute beach store next to our campsite at Jalama Beach County Park in Lompoc, CA.

The cute beach store next to our campsite at Jalama Beach County Park in Lompoc, CA.