Commercial Photography Workshop & Assistant Find

We are hosting a workshop in our studio on Saturday, May 19, 2018 for people ages 16-26 to learn how a local commercial photography company operates and about photo basics and gear. This is how we find our own assistants. No experience required.

If you plan to attend, message us or shoot an email to .

This might be for you if you:
- Have a passion for photography, videography, or art.
- Want to go into a creative field.
- Are interested in assisting us on photoshoots. Assisting us would be sporadic dates, similar to freelancing, $10/hr, and fun in the sun.
- Like carrying things, holding things up, listening, and having a friendly, positive attitude.
- Can be on time for something you actually care about.
- Have read this so far thinking, "Man, that sounds cool!" Just come. What's a Saturday afternoon?

We LOVE what we do and like working with people who have passion and want to listen/learn.

We don't know who to invite, so TELL SOMEONE WHO MIGHT BE INTERESTED!

Day Schedule:
12:30p Doors Open. Get situated. Meet a new friend!
1p Who Corey and Emily are and how we got here
1:15p Introductions
1:30p Tour of studio
2:00p How our company works
3:00p Photography Basics & Set Etiquette
3:45p Lighting Demonstration / Gear
5pm Done!